Does Sequoia wholesale products?
We are currently taking new wholesale accounts. We want to connect with gift shops whose customers align with that of Sequoia. Feel free to contact us, with a description of your retail outlet. NOTE: We do NOT wholesale to individuals, you must be a business.

Does Sequoia do consignment?
We do not do consignment at the moment.

What type of wholesaler do we look for?
We only partner with business with a physical location. Currently we are keeping our wholesalers within North America. Our products do best with retailers who have core values similar to our own. We wish to promote native craftsmanship, economic development, natively sourced products, and native women in business. However, even if your business doesn’t align completely with our values, your wholesale account may still be approved.

How do I place my wholesaler order?
We prefer that all wholesale orders be placed on our online wholesale platform. This speeds up the ordering process for both parties.

Does Sequoia mail out catalogs?
We have decided to go with an on-line only catalog. This is not only to reduce paper waste but easier to keep up to date. Just by the nature of our products, we are constantly introducing and testing new things.

What do I do if I am tax exempt?
Please email wholesale@sequoia.ca with the subject line:Tax Exempt Info and please include a copy of your documentation. We will set your account as tax exempt.

How do I send Payment for my order?
Our online store accepts credit card payments, Visa, Mastercard, American Express over a secure server, as well as Paypal. We also now accept e-transfers and bank deposits.

Do you wholesale to boutiques in Europe?
Right now we are only taking wholesale accounts in Canada and the US, but this is a possibility for in the future. You may email us to notify you when this changes.

Why is there a $300 minimum wholesale order?
  • Sequoia is looking to partner with retailers who truly wish to showcase our products. We believe our products sell better when more of our line is displayed, and $300 is just enough to enhance the display.
  • In terms of shipping costs, it is not much more expensive to ship $300 worth of product than to ship a lesser amount. Our wholesalers are better able to distribute the cost of shipping.

  • Why can’t I login to my wholesale account?
  • Make sure you are on the correct website (https://wholesale.sequoia.ca) as the login will not work on the retail website.
  • Please make sure the email you are using is the same one put on the wholesale account request form.
  • Passwords are case sensitive, meaning that they will be affected by upper/lower-case letters. Please make sure that your password is configured properly
  • If you have forgotten your password, simply press “forgot your password?” located on the costumer login page. You will be prompted to input your email. Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your email. We do not have access to your password and can only reset your account on our end.
  • If everything above appears to be in order but you still cannot login, contact us at 450-638-2197 or send us a message at wholesale@sequoia.ca

    What shipping carriers do we use?
    Most wholesale orders are shipped with standard Canadian expedited shipping, however FedEx shipping is available upon request, although extra charges do apply. Simply put a note in your order that you would like FedEx shipping. We will contact you in order to pay the extra charges.

    How are shipping charges calculated?
    Shipping chargers are calculated by weight and zone. This is an automatic process.

    Do you offer free shipping for wholesale orders?
    Unfortunately, we do not.

    Are all your products available for wholesale?
    All our products are available for wholesale, with the exception of the feather gift sets. The feathers are all handmade and it is beyond our ceramicist’s capacity to create a greater quantity order. The feathers are available at retail price.

    What happens if one of the products in my order is out of stock?
    We will contact you asap if any of your products happen to be out of stock. You can decide to wait (usually it is only a day or two) or you can delete or replace that particular product from your order.

    Can I return a product?
    No, we do not allow returns. If an item is damaged in the shipping process we will replace it.

    Can I resell your products on any other ecommerce market place?
    No, we do not allow the resale of our products on any third party market places such as Amazon.com, eBay, etc.